Thursday, 7 February 2013

Week 6 Update: Yep, I'm breathing.

Ahhh! Love this week's challenge.

“I'm breathing in, I'm breathing out” has been my mantra for the week, and it's a winner. No matter how busy, how scattered, how tired, how happy/sad I've been, it's a simple and super effective way to ground myself and pare it all back to basics.

The really nice thing has been the 'overflow' this challenge has had. Every now and then, I've found myself altering the breath mantra to suit whatever I'm doing at the time. When I've noticed I'm rushing through the dishes, I've repeated “I'm doing the dishes” to myself. When I've been feeding my son, it's “I'm feeding Lincoln”. So, so simple, yet the impact is huge. To tell yourself “this is what I'm doing right now” is a little reminder that that task is all you need to be doing. You don't need to be simultaneously planning out your future or reliving your past.

And, guess what? I finally wrote some of those lists! It's been a wonderful week for consolidating. Ahhh!

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